Psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP), in Los Angeles, Ventura, Ojai and Santa Barbara.

Psychotherapy provides an opportunity to create and sustain desired change in our lives through the therapeutic relationship and alliance.  

KAP offers a reset, allowing for the transformation of maladaptive thought patterns, belief systems, and behaviors.

KAP offers a restart, allowing for the transformation of outdated thought patterns, behaviors, and belief systems

We can do small things great
MY Approach
If you are struggling
With anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction, or simply going through a difficult time, let's talk.

I use a collaborative approach to support and inspire you to find new pathways out of stuck places. The answers are within you.

I am a client centered therapist first and foremost. I will work with you collaboratively to design a therapeutic process that achieves your goals.  I draw from Psychodynamic Theory, CBT, Parts Work, Coaching, & KAP, as well as many other approaches to find what works best for you.