Fee Structure

Please reach out if you are in need of sliding scale.

Consultation Call

A chance for us to connect and find out if we are a good fit.

Duration: 10 minutes


Psychotherapy: Telehealth or  In-Person

Remote therapy from the comfort of your home (safe and secure), In-Person in Los Angeles or Ventura at one of my beautiful therapy centers or in the field at a location of your choice.

Duration: 50 minutes


KAP Prep + Integration Sessions

Depending on your treatment plan we will schedule a certain number of Preparation and Integration Sessions between Ketamine Therapy Sessions

Duration: 50 minutes


KAP Session

Safe and supportive Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy session, with your me by your side from start to finish. The cost of Medicine sessions varies on location and method of administration.

Duration: 3 hours



A collaborative, goal-oriented process to assist in developing skills and strategies for achieving your objectives coupled with accountability.

Duration: 50 minutes